A Collective of craftsmen of the art


We are the gathering of passionated people for shows, dreams, mechanics, effects, constructions, emotions...


Through our knowledge, we extract and experiment everything we can out of nothing: Jacks of all trades and Masters of none! We are all coming from different grounds. To us, this diversity is the best asset we have. It inspires a lot the way we work and what we realize is the direct result of it. As a matter of fact, as we must adapt ourselves to each and everyone, it always makes us think about the best way to reach out the highest form of autonomy. It may be a Utopian ideal, but this is what it makes it even more exciting.


With an organization that differs from the dominant model of society, the Fer à Coudre claims its participation to free artistic events in order to get the attention of a novice, popular and large public. If you ask us, art should not only concern a privileged part of the population who can access and offer anything they want. It is also from the people, their smiles, their revolts or their shares that we build those universes. The Fer à Coudre, it is billions of mechanical ideas, but not only...  The Fer à Coudre considers it has its role to play when it comes to street arts or events settled in neighborhoods or alternative musical festivals for example. Poetry, subversion and allegories are the beating heart of the Fer à Coudre's work. We aim to transform, to create emotions and feelings and to make people dream.


The way we do it requires fair and efficient means that resonate with the world we are living in. Doing so, by the renewal of ideas and materials as well as the respect of their authenticity, our constructions yearn for the immersion of the visitor in a universe through which his senses and memories are overwhelmed in a personal way. The bric­a­brac of a bar in complete motion will make the member of the audience travel across History and will invite him to live absurd moments ­ yet justified, by the Shadoks  and their famous question: “Why make it simple when we can make it complicated?” And maybe Franquin and his character of Gaston Lagaffe crossed one of the oddly mysterious roads of our imagination!



Forever, as blunderers as dreamers, but also geniuses full of hare- brained inventions, as convenient as useless, as ingenious as derailed and absolutely poetic, fed with a great love for Nature: we are the Fer à Coudre. 



Founded in 2009, the Fer à Coudre is a company composed of fifteen professionals from the living show business and the Street Arts working mainly with companies such as Babylone, Oposito, La Française de Comptages, La Constellation, La Cité des Ménestrels...




Des spectacles en tournée en France et à l'étranger

Un bar animé et original

Des création spécifiques adaptées à tout types d'évènements

Des constructions in situ

Des transformations d'espace in situ

Des spectacles sur mesure

Actions culturelles